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February 10, 2013 12:33 AM

Known as Bragi, was born on a farm outside of Akureyri, Iceland, on February 27, 1920, and passed away peacefully at his home in Santa Barbara, CA. January 12, 2013.

He was a man of high integrity, a compassionate and dedicated family man, and a very intelligent and talented Electronic Engineer.

During his 47 year career, Bragi's achievements culminated in 35 years of Industry experience in Military Electronics, serving the U.S. Department of Defense with remarkable colleagues of the Magnavox company.

With an M.S.E.E., and prior to 1966, he engaged in a variety of positions and projects involving electronics and communication systems.

From 1966-1972, he served as Manager of Operations, Product Support and Avionics at the Magnavox Research Laboratories in Torrance, CA.

From 1972-1977, as Vice President and General Manager, Communications Products Operation (CPO) of the Advanced Products Division of Magnavox Government and Industrial Electronics Company in Fort Wayne, IN, he was responsible for all efforts related to a variety of communications equipment and special products. Successfully contracting for, developing, and producing several models and systems for airborne and handheld radios such as the AN/ARC-164, for both the U.S. Air Force and Army were major achievements, and critical components to the functioning of the U.S. military.

From 1977-1981, he was Vice President and Director, Global Positioning System Operation at the Magnavox Advanced Products and Systems Company.

This position entailed responsibility for managing the overall MAGNAVOX efforts on the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) program.

That's right, my dad helped make it possible for your cell phone and car navigator to exist, and I get to tell you.

How cool is that?

See, modesty was also one of his cornerstone attributes, so he would never have volunteered that.

Classified missions for the government and oaths of secrecy kept me from knowing other things I would have also wanted him to share, but he was a man of his word, and took those oaths as seriously as one could.

He is loved and missed by many, but mostly me, his daughter Steinunn Freyja Freymodsson Danley.

My beloved brother, Baldur Arnar Freymodsson, and mom, Sigridur Bilddal Freymodsson passed before him, but he is also survived by his incredibly strong and caring sister Ardis J. Freymodsson, my dear husband Howard E. Green, and his wonderful grandchildren, Stephen Bragi Danley, James Mixen Danley and Sarah Sigrid Danley.

If you knew my dad, you knew that he absolutely mastered English as a second language, took great pride in his nationalized citizenship,was the consummate gentleman, enjoyed conversation and the company of others, didn't count sheep - but solved complex mathematical progressions when he couldn't sleep, watched countless golf tournaments, and loved chess, but not nearly as much as jazz. Artie Shaw was the man! 

More than anything, he really loved, and generously cared for his family.Simply put, he was just the best.

My dad was diagnosed very late with Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and struggled significantly in his last years.

In lieu of flowers, and to raise awareness of this ravaging disease, donations can be made in his honor both online at www.lbda.org, or mailed to Lewy Body Dementia Association, 912 Killian Hill Road, S.W., Lilburn, GA 30047

A memorial service in his honor will be held February 16, at 1pm at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 380 N. Fairview, Goleta, CA, with a reception to follow at the UCSB Faculty Club.


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