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Marjorie Learned

February 15, 2013 5:55 AM

In Loving Memory of Marjorie Learned

April 3, 1909 - February 15, 1993

Beloved Mother of Marion Learned, Grandmother

of Micah, Mark, and Matthew Babcock, and Great Grandmother of Molly, Kate, Baby Theo, Madison, Zachary, Hannah, Hailey, Gregory Babcock

Mother means springtime; Mother means flowers, Mother means joy brought to others for hours, Mother means love from the depth of her heart, Mother means love to others impart. For Mother brings joy with a laugh and a smile, sharing with others all the while. Everywhere she goes the same joy she brings, now in heavenly places more joy she brings. The angels now sing with Mother each day. They pick flowers and daises the angels will say. They sing and they love, they laugh and they sow blessings from heaven to earth here below. Each petal that falls from the daises we see is a kiss straight from heaven and Mother you see. We miss you dear Mother, we'll miss you each day, but we look forward to when in heaven we stay. Then we can all sing together again each day, and laugh and love in the same old way. And more blessings from heaven will fall here below, and bless dear loved ones with pure love we know. So thank you dear Lord, for her presence above is forever near us for we feel her love. For pure love from heaven flows down here below and fills all the earth with true love we know.

Marion Learned

With love, your family


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