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KARR, Philip L


February 17, 2013 12:21 AM

January 16, 1914 - February 12, 2013

Philip Karr died peacefully on February 12 at the age of 99. He moved with his wife from their Tunnel Road home to Vista del Monte where he has lived for 13 years. His wife Frieda died in 2010.

Phil's father's first wife died and he remarried. The blended family had a total of 7 children, Philip being the youngest. Phil's father, Morris was born in Russia and was obligated to be in the Czar's army. Because of a special permission to ply his tailoring trade outside the Pale, he was able to escape Russia and emigrate to the US where he settled in Chicago. Phil grew up in Chicago and attended Roosevelt University to study mechanical engineering. He married the love of his life Frieda Arieff, a marriage that would last 74 years.

With a wife and his first son David at home he avoided military service in WWII but was obliged to work in a munitions factory. Subsequently he designed cameras and then started his own company named after his second son John. John Mfg. produced products made of aluminum which was just becoming popular in the late 40's. During this time they also had a daughter Lauren.

After relocating to Milwaukee he worked at the Milwaukee Chair Company as Chief Engineer and ultimately became a vice president. When the company reorganized and moved to the South, Phil and Frieda moved to California where he became a science teacher in Santa Barbara

While Phil and Frieda loved their life in Milwaukee, they grew to love their new life in Santa Barbara. They found wonderful friends, fellowship and support at the Live Oak Unitarian Congregation. People were always attracted to Phil's gentle way and warm smile. He had a great sense of humor and a love of science and the physical world. He is survived by his three children, David and John in the Bay area and Lauren Golden of Encinitas. He will be missed by many.


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