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BACHURIN, Theodor Ted

April 25, 2013 5:12 AM

73, of Santa Barbara, passed away in his sleep on the morning of April 13, 2013. Born the son of Halya and Theodor Bachurin, Sr. Ted grew up in L.A., enlisted and served in the U.S. Army from 1959 to 1962, and on completion of his service, Ted trained and became a deepsea diver and worked around the world for most of his adult life.

He met the love of his life, Tina, in 1986, and on Sept. 13, 1995 he and Tina exchanged vows on the banks of the Yuba River in Downieville, Ca, and they have been together ever since. Ted loved playing horseshoes, ping pong, boating, and engineering. He was incredibly knowledgeable about so many things, and capable of learning how to do everything and anything in order to get done whatever he needed to do, to accomplish a task.

In his later years he worked for the City of Santa Barbara as the dam- keeper for the Gibralter Dam and kept everything running in top shape. He retired two years ago. A few months after that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia.

A memorial service will be held at a later date for family and close friends, to be determined at a later date. Ted is survived by his wife Tina, his Step-daughter Christa, and several grandchildren. He will be sorely missed.


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