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June 7, 2013 6:07 AM



June 7, 1967 to August 13, 2007

On This Day in History

June 7 1967. A small but intensely bright shooting star was seen rapidly approaching our planet. In the blink of an eye, as the earth seemed to stop for a second, a baby boy to be named David "Beloved" joined our family. As he grew up, he soon shared his hopes and dreams, fired by exceptional curiosity, talent and determination and softened by love and kindness. He celebrated his friends by his natural compassion and unselfish support, motivation and understanding shown to them any time, anywhere. His friends referred to him as their "go to guy", throughout his childhood and the pain that remained with him for life.

August 13, 2007. Suddenly, the earth paused for a moment and the tiniest star in the sky began to glow brighter than any other in this distant celestial nest of stars. As it was slowly subdued by the rising sun. I witnessed his ethereal departure. Beloved David, through no fault of his own, was lifted on angels wings, high above the summit of our high mountains that he had bicycled to, just for the peaceful view.

After 40 years in our live time together, David, your physical challenges and pain are overcome by peace at last. Your spiritual love lives on, continually ignited and reunited with our loved one's resting at your ethereal place in the universe. The literal translation of Di Bartolomeo, meaning "figlio di sole" is "SON of the SUN", You are home now.

Your horrific iatrogenic death leaves a pain for us that no time can heal. Your love leaves a memory that no one can steal.

We will always miss you, you'll always remain "Beloved David".

"I'll see you at the top."

Love, Dad


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