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WYNN-SUMMERS (Wahl), Annarose Eva

June 9, 2013 12:32 AM


Annarose Eva Wynn-Summers (Wahl)

(June 9th, 1951-May 12th, 2011)

Born in Wolfsberg, Austria, Annarose grew up in Des Plaines, IL, moving out West after attending Kendall School of Design. She soon became a sun-worshipping California Girl, calling Santa Barbara home (working at the News-Press, marrying Michael Moselle at the Courthouse's Sunken Gardens), along with the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego, where she raised her only daughter, Tyler Anneliese. Annarose spent her final days in her home in the rural Southwest, where she enjoyed running along the Mogollons with views of her beloved Sedona sandstone (red mud always flanking her truck) and the San Francisco snowy peaks of Flagstaff. Annarose always bragged about her family, especially her brother, Hans Wahl, nieces Sasha and Gabrielle and stepkids, Natalie and Jarryd. She was a true steward of of the Southwest, keeping Salt Mine Road trash-free and preserving nearby Sinagua petroglyphs.

It was two years ago on her first wedding anniversary with Lenard Wynn-Summers when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver on the I-17 near Camp Verde. Please visit http://support.madd.org/goto/annarose to donate in memory of Annarose to support MADD in their efforts to prevent drunk driving and assist victims of this violent crime.

Happy Birthday, Ma. I miss you every day, Traveling Girl.


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