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MOSEL, Norbert Norby

June 16, 2013 12:53 AM

09/23/1957 - 06/06/2013

Norby succumbed to Lou Gehrig's disease, "ALS," on June 6th.He collapsed on a blistering hot day after a short trip to the river near his house in Nevada City, California. Surrounded by his wife and children he passed peacefully that evening. Born to Rudolf & Rosel Mosel on September 23 1957, Norby spent his childhood in Goleta near Lake Los Carneros where he fished, rode mini-bikes, and shot pellet guns like wild kids did! He loved camping in the Sierras with Boy Scout troop 104. It was this mountainous adventurism that never left him. In his teens he was a "Haskell's local." He loved to surf and hang out with the boys. Norby, an outstanding grappler, wrestled at Dos Pueblos High School bringing the team to several league, CIF and State Final Championships. He hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico, journeyed the continental divide from Canada to Mexico, traversed Mount Kilimanjaro, and trekked the base of Mount Everest. Norby, a fourth generation local 114 Union Plumber & Pipefitter, worked with his father and brother at Goleta Plumbing until he started his own company in Nevada City, California. Here he raised two wonderful children, Shelby and Sawyer. He was very involved with the Boy Scouts and coaching wrestling at Nevada Union High School. He and his son would hunt and fish amongst the tall pines of Northern California and bring back bountiful goods to his family. A storyteller by nature, Norby could embellish a tale like no other.

Norby is survived by his wife Nancy; two children, daughter Shelby and son Sawyer; his parents Rudi & Rosel; his sister Heidi Mosel-Riedo and his brother Gary Mosel; and niece Heather Riedo.

A celebration of Norby's life will be held at Stow Park, Area 2, on June 23rd from 4:00 'til they kick us out. Please come and tell us your own Norby embellished story.


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