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November 10, 2013 12:36 AM

A dad is one of the first people to ever hold your hand and a great dad is one who continues to guide you through life. They fill your life up with wonderful memories including camping trips to the redwoods, numerous trips to Disneyland, coaching soccer, and lots and lots of laughter. From dads you learn how to maintain a household, fix an r/o system and uniquely install hardwood floors. You learn an appreciation for wine, barbecued tri-tip and general good times. Through their service at church, they teach you to be faithful to the Lord, concerned and considerate servants toward others reaching out at every possibility. As you enter new phases in your own life, they become a role model for a long lasting marriage, what to look for in a spouse and how to graciously become a grandparent. They are mentors, sounding boards, travel companions and lifelong guides. Yes, dads are one of the first to ever hold your hand, and we were privileged to be one of the last to hold his.

James William Jameson passed into heaven on Friday, November 1, 2013 surrounded by his wife and children.

James, known to his friends as Jim, was born on February 17, 1942 and grew up in Stockton, California. After serving in the Navy for 4 years., Jim attended San Jose State graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. On April 28, 1963, Jim married his high school sweetheart Georgia and was a faithful spouse, best friend and companion for over 50 years. Living together in San Jose, Dallas, and Pasadena Jim and Georgia eventually settled in Santa Barbara.

Jim was known for his love of barbequing and was often found cooking for men's bible studies as well as family and friends. You could often find him on the beach either walking in the early mornings or having sunset dinners with friends.

Jim is survived by his wife, Georgia, and his three children: Tom, Tracie and John and their spouses: Michelle, Paul and Meredith. He is also survived by his brother Keith as well as 6 grandchildren: Michael, Kevin, Julia, Sabrina, Nathan and Elijah.

Jim's life will be celebrated by a small family graveside interment. An uplifting "celebration of life" will be held for friends and family on November 15th.

In lieu of flowers, donations made to the Goleta Boys Club or Emanuel Lutheran Church in memory of James Jameson. Online condolences may be left at www.wrhsb.com.


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