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Dear Staff and Friends,

July 18, 2006 11:54 AM

I want to personally congratulate the whole team for your great work in receiving two first and five second place awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association on Saturday. This is further proof that the News-Press is still the great paper it has always been, thanks to our dedicated and talented staff.

We are rapidly moving to complete our new team in the newsroom. While there are still some difficulties ahead, we are picking up momentum and should be back on track very shortly. Our search for a new editor is well underway.

My responsibility as owner is to balance the needs of the paper, the business and journalism. I respect the traditions of journalism and believe that the best way to run a paper is to hire good people and let them do their job, and that is exactly what I am doing. While it is a fact that tensions will always exist between the news staff and management, discussions and debate lead to better news coverage. I firmly believe this is healthy and promotes excellence in journalism, a principle to which I am deeply committed. In the future, I expect this type of debate to focus on professional issues, not personal matters.

To make the News-Press an even more professionally and personally rewarding place to work, I welcome your comments, recommendations and feedback so we can have an open dialogue to work collectively and collaboratively as we further improve the quality, coverage and accuracy of our paper.

I am deeply appreciative of the loyalty and expressions of support from the hundreds of News-Press employees who unfortunately, were caught in an emotionally charged situation. The many calls and letters of support from the community have also been gratifying.

My heartfelt appreciation and thanks goes to each of you for continuing to get the paper out under these trying conditions. Please be assured that I will keep you updated with any developments as they occur.

Wendy McCaw, owner and co-publisher