2014 Community Event Sponsor Program

The News-Press cosponsors more than 100 community events each year with an annual donation of more than $300,000 in advertising space. The News-Press dedicates an important resource - its extensive readership and unparalleled coverage of the Santa Barbara market - to organizations seeking to inform the public about their events. More than 100,000 adults read each weekday issue, making the News-Press the most widely used information source in Santa Barbara County. The News-Press community event sponsorship program provides a 100% match of the applicant's event advertising budget (specific to print) in return for promotional exposure at the event.

(1) Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the event. No late applications will be accepted.

(2) Sponsorship requests must focus on one specific event. In general, we do not sponsor “seasons” or enter into year-long sponsorship commitments.

(3) If an organization applies annually for the News-Press to co-sponsor an event, they must match or exceed the previous year’s News-Press advertising expenditures in order to qualify.

(4) Priority is given to applicants offering print sponsor exclusivity to the News-Press (please call the News-Press for more information). Competing print sponsors to the News-Press include all daily newspapers and weekly tabloids within the Santa Barbara County area. Other factors evaluated include the scope of the event and the value of the exposure offered.

(5) Confirmation of approved sponsorships and further instructions will be made in writing within two weeks of receipt of the application. Once notified, it will be the responsibilty of the applicant to follow up with the News-Press to layout an ad schedule.

(6) All ads published through the sponsorship program (paid or unpaid) must include a News-Press logo.

Due to the volume of applications received, priority is given to those organizations who submit early.

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